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This is the official bulletin board of the Mohave Sportsman Club. This is where you’ll find the latest news regarding the club, upcoming events, important announcements, new raffles and winners of raffles plus other current news. Items on this board will not stay published permanently, they will change periodically so the board can stay current. Items will move down the board or be removed as new items are added near the top.

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The Club's Current Hours


From April 1st through Sept. 30th - OPEN from 7am – 7pm Daily
The last sign-in to shoot will be at 6:15pm and must exit the range by 7pm

The Range is OPEN 7 days a week


From October 1st through March 31st - OPEN from 8am – 5pm Daily
The last sign-in to shoot will be at 4:15pm and must exit the range by 5pm

The Range is OPEN 7 days a week

361 Days a year. (CLOSED on New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas)

News, Announcements & Notifications

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Check-In System in the Range Office

EVERYONE is REQUIRED to sign-in on the POS system before they can use the range. No Exceptions. Thank you for your cooperation.

MSC Range Officers

MSC Range Officers operate the range and ensure the safety of everyone on MSC property in accordance with AZDGF and MSC BOD policies and procedures. Please do not take your frustrations or anger out on RSO's, they are just doing their job. If you have a grievance, contact president@mohavesportsmanclub.org or President at Mohavave Sportsman Club, PO Box 6391, Kingman, AZ 86402. Please include your name & contact information including membership number if applicable. Phone calls & voicemail will be disregarded. Thank you.

Summer Events Canceled!

The following events have been canceled due to the heat of summer:
July 17 - 3 Gun
July 28 - 2 Gun
August 3 - Personal Defense & Carry
August 14 - 3 Gun
August 25 - 2 Gun

Please check our Calendar for more information

Fishing for Smiles 2024!

Fishing for Smiles was a wonderful event with about 110 kids enjoying a day fishing!

Special thanks to Don Martin for all the donations that he collected for this event and the work he did at the filet station. Also, big thanks to Jim McGeechy for working with the Elks and helping to weigh & measure fish for the kids.

A Big Shout-Out!

We would like to recognize some members for doing volunteer work around the range. Without volunteer's thing can't get done. Frank Lanczok and Steve Bell ran a 120v to the #2 skeet house for the transformers as they have been putting them in. Steve bought the gasket sealant and a quart of gear oil to fix the range tractor. They took the time and fixed it. They have also been working hard to spread the gravel and make the shotgun range more accessible. Also for safety reasons they are working on this.

Mike Lilliroos cleaned bay 2 and 3 using a Hula Hoe and it took him approximately an hour per bay.

The range and the Membership of the club are thankful for all of the work these people have done.

A Big Shout-Out!

Want to give a big shout out to Jay, Shana and Maya Ackerman. Jay answered the call for someone to either find a refrigerator or donate one. He found a side by side used refrigerator approximately 21 cubic feet for $150.00. He then brought it to the club house, took out the old one and installed the new one. He then took the refrigerator to the recycler and disposed of it.

His wife Shana and his daughter Maya saw the condition of the kitchen and set about cleaning, painting and relining all the cupboards with shelf paper. They spent 7 hours doing this. They donated all the paint, shelf paper and time to the range.

We want to say thank youand let them know that we really appreciate them for all their hard work.

Usage Hours of the 500 & 1000 yard Ranges

We have implemented new hours for the 500 & 1000 yard ranges starting 2/19/2024.

As per Arizona Game and Fish, the 1000 yard range and 500 meter range cannot be used simultaneously. This is due to close proximity and lack of angular difference between shooting lanes; obviously a safety issue. Until a permanent solution is implemented the 1000 yard range and 500 yard range shooting times will be as follows:  

Monday: 8am to 12:00 pm, 500 meter range open to public.
Monday: 12:00 pm to 4pm, 1000 yard range open to public.
Tuesday: 8am to 12:00 pm, 1000 yard range open to public.
Tuesday: 12:00 pm to 4pm, 500 meter range open to public.
Wednesday: 8am to 12:00 pm, 500 meter range open to public.
Wednesday: 12:00 pm to 4pm, 1000 yard range open to public.
Thursday: 8am to 12:00 pm, 1000 yard range open to public.
Thursday: 12:00 pm to 4pm, 500 meter range open to public.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday will remain first come first served.

Special events, matches or LE requirements will take precedent.
Duty Range Officers discretion may change schedule to serve public as necessary.

A Girl & A Gun - Mohave County Chapter at MSC!

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League is a ladies-only organization established by women shooters for women pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooters! The league is designed to take beginners to whatever skill level they wish to achieve and provide experienced shooters with more opportunities. The objective of some is to improve their skill levels for self-defense and competitive shooting. Others also are interested in learning how to choose the right guns, gear, and accessories for long-term participation in the community.

Please check the club calendar for our next event. Normally we will meet once a month on Sunday at 2pm.

Please bring eye & ear protection, a brimmed hat, a handgun (unloaded), at least 2 magazines, a kydex holster, belt, pants with belt loops, NO serpa holsters, and 50-100 rounds of ammo.

Expect to be working on firearm safety, manipulations of your firearm, including stoppages, stance, grip, and shooting fundamentals. As the skill level of the group goes up, different shooting drills will be introduced.

You do not have to be a member of AG&AG organization, nor MSC to participate. Range fee for the events are $10 for non-MSC members and $5 for MSC members.

AG&AG membership is $50 per year and comes with many great benefits and perks. You can visit their website here: AG&AG

Contact Heather Berge Facilitator/Trainer for AG&AG Mohave County at 949-436-2696 or heatheroutside@live.com

Here are some messages from women who have trained with the Mohave County chapter:

  • ~What a great group of ladies!! Learned so much and look forward to more!!! AR
  • ~I wanted to thank you for a fabulous morning!!! I made that cross over today from feeling that it’s something I need to know how to do to actually realizing that I was having fun and enjoying myself!!!!I SO appreciate you!!! TK
  • ~Left there smiling! It was awesome. Thank for the awesome training. CW
  • ~AG & AG AWESOME GROUP OF women!! KG
  • ~I had so much fun. Finally started feeling comfortable with my gun. Had to re-learn so much! Can’t wait for the next one. JB

We hope to see the ladies at the next event!!

Steel Bays Property Vandalism!

SPorting Clays

Shoot Sporting Clays! Five station, 10 machines - 7 days a week!

Members Only - no shot larger than 7 1/2. Check in at the range office. You will need a card with purchased credits to access the targets.

Women's Intro to Basics Pistol Shoot

Mohave Sportsman Club is offering the Women's Intro to Basics Pistol Shoot. You must register to attend.

For more information please click below.

Volunteers Needed!

The Mohave Sportsman Club could not operate without volunteers and we truly appreciate the time our volunteers contribute.

In order to keep Mohave Sportsman Club running, we need members to volunteer for various needs of the club.

Right now, we especially need a Secretary & Vice President for the Board.
We also need a Volunteer Coordinator.
Other positions needed are a Match Director Trap, Skeet & Sporting Clays.

Please contact president@mohavesportsmanclub.org for more information and to volunteer. Thank YOU!!

Notice: 1,000 yard & 500 meter range

Per Arizona Game & Fish, the 1000 yard range and the 500 meter range cannot be used simultaneously. Please sign in at office normally, and the RSO will provide further information.

Special Notice

The Mohave Sportsman Club is a member of the Arizona Sportsman for Wildlife Conservation. AZSWC is an umbrella organization with members from many clubs and groups around the state. Their mission is to “educate and inform sportsmen, wildlife conservation organizations throughout the state and the public at large on important issues related to wildlife and wildlife habitat, and to provide, via grants or other sources, funding to conserve Arizona’s wildlife populations through habitat enhancement initiatives.” AZSWC has provided the Club with grant money for Fishing for Smiles the last two years. Please visit their web site for further information at: azsfwc.org/