22LR Long Range Shoot

2nd Saturday of each month

Starts at 7am (Summer Hours) & 8am (Winter Hours) on Bay 10.


Sign up & Match setup starts at 7am (Summer Hours) & 8am (Winter Hours)

Mandatory Safety Brief prior to match start.

The steel target must be hit or fall to count in the course of fire.

The event consists of 6 or 7 stages ranging from 50 to 200 yards. Each stage is 10 rounds of fire, with no sighters. Stages are not timed.

The course of fire can be off hand standing, standing using a rest and most often the shooting is done from benchrest position. NO prone positions.

Knowing the ammunition trajectory for hold over out to 200 yards is very helpfull. New shooters are always welcome and we will help them in the event.

What to Bring: Bolt action or semi auto 22 Rimfire rifle that is sighted in at 50 yards. Ear & eye protection, hat, minimum of 70 rounds of target ammunition, bipod & rear rest bag. It's best to bring extra ammunition in the event of a stage reshoot.

Scoring: One point for every target hit in the course of fire.

Fees: MSC Members pay $5.00. Non-Members pay $10.00.

*At the conclusion of the event, anyone wishing to remain and shoot are required to sign-in at the Range Office and Non-members will have to pay the $15.00 daily use fee.

Match Scores: Scores are available via Practiscore results with MSC 22 RF Long Range Shoot.

Contact Match Director / Jim Merritt at 928-692-1318