500 Meter Silhouette Steel

4th Saturday of each month
Match is at 7am (Summer Hours) & 8am (Winter Hours) at the 500 meter Range.

*Per Arizona Game & Fish, the 1000 yard range and the 500 meter range CANNOT BE USED SIMULTANEOUSLY. Please sign in at office normally, and the RSO will provide further information.


Sign up & Match setup starts at 7am (Summer Hours) & 8am (Winter Hours)

Mandatory Safety Brief prior to match start.

The steel silhouette target must be knocked off the rail to count in the course of fire.

Centerfire Rifle Silhouette match, 20 rounds, Benchrest

Only 1 shot per animal and time limit at each animal (1 minute per shot)

There are sighter shots for each stage

5 rounds at Rams 500m (546 yds.)

5 rounds at Turkeys 385m (421 yds.)

5 rounds at Javelinas 300m (328 yds.)

5 rounds at Chickens 200m (218 yds.)

Tie breaker (if required) will be the half-sized Rams at the 500 meter line

What to Bring: A zero’d rifle, ammo, ear & eye protection, any shooting supplies you might need, sunscreen (no shade… yet), water, and most importantly… a good sense of humor!

Scoring: One point for every silhouette target knocked off the rail in the course of fire. 20 points possible.

Fee: MSC Members pay $5.00. Non-Members pay $10.00.

*At the conclusion of the event, anyone wishing to remain and shoot are required to sign-in at the Range Office and Non-members will have to pay the $15.00 daily use fee.

Match Scores: Scores are available via Practiscore results with MSC 500 Meter.

Contact Match Director: Jim Merritt at 928-692-1318