Cowboy Action Shooting event is held on the third Sunday of each month. Signup begins at 8:30am year round.

Cowboy Action

The Mohave Marshalls, the local SASS group, encourages people interested in COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING to come watch and maybe try their hand at shooting. (See news at the bottom of this page) Local cowboy shooters are always willing to let guests try out various firearms to see what it’s like and enjoy a morning with us. There is no charge for being a visitor.

Place: Cowboy range

Date: Third Sunday of every month

Time: 8:30 am year round

Fees: MSC Members pay $5.00. Non-Members pay $10.00.

*At the conclusion of the event, anyone wishing to remain and shoot are required to sign-in at the Range Office and Non-members will have to pay the $15.00 daily use fee.

Requirements to shoot: Period correct (pre-1900) firearms only. Two single action revolvers, lever action rifle in pistol cal., Shotgun, Western clothing (hat, boots). 150 rounds of ammo for pistol and rifle, 1 ½ box of shells for the shotgun, light target loads. All ammo must be lead, no jacketed bullets allowed. A sport for the whole family. There are special categories to make it easy for women and children to participate. Contestants shoot courses of fire in which they engage steel targets in a specifically designed scenario and shooting sequence. Each stage is scored on the time to complete and accuracy.

Contact Jim Carter 928 757-1661 or for additional information.

There are numerous rules and guidelines associated with COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING, please consult the SASS web page at sassnet.com for complete information.

The Mohave Marshalls of the Mohave Sportsman Club invites MSC members who shoot .22’s to


The SASS affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting group is now supporting a shooting category that has found its way into this current time of supply chain shortages: Senior Buckeroo. This category engages the same reactive steel targets that move, gong, or fall down as the regular categories, but uses two .22 LR chambered single action pistols and a .22 LR chambered, exposed hammer, slide or lever action rifle. A .410 bore or any SASS legal shotgun completes the equipment needed for the category.

If you would like to try a CAS event, bring your ammunition to the 3rd Sunday match out at the Cowboy Range and the Mohave Marshalls will supply the guns and instruction in CAS. You may also bring your own single action pistol and/or exposed hammer rifle, if desired.

Folks who just want to try-it need to bring 20 rounds of .22 LR and will not be charged a match fee. For those that wish to shoot the entire match, you will need 120-130 rounds of .22 LR, 6-24 low recoil shotgun shells (.410 or 12 gauge) and the $5.00 match fee. Western wear is appreciated, but not necessary. As always, eye and hearing protection is mandatory.

Sign in starts at 8:30am at the regular cowboy match and first shot is scheduled for 9:00am (or as soon as the morning story telling is done). Hope to see you there!

Just Plain Jim, 2022 Match Director

Chekahsah Joe, Deputy

PS: Questions? To Joe Nemcek via e-mail to josephnemcek@hotmail.com

Special MSC Category Rules: Because of the low energy level of .22 LR and low shot weight of .410 shells, ‘falling’ targets only need to be hit to count. It is undecided if only one shotgun shot or the usual four shotgun shots will be normal for Senior Buckeroo. It is permitted that the Sr. Buckeroo need not shoot shotgun, but untaken shots will be counted as misses. All guns will be pre-staged and return to staged position, so no holsters will be needed. In the event that a rifle reload is required on a stage, a second rifle with the additional rounds will be used. .22 LR rounds that fail to fire in the rifle will be counted as misses. .22 LR rounds that fail to fire in the pistol will require that the shooter action the pistol six times to ensure that the round has been struck before the misfire is counted as a miss.