MGS SCSA Steel Challenge

The Mohave Green Shooters Steel Challenge (SCSA) match is held on the first Sunday of each month. Match signup begins at 7:30am Summer and 8:30am Winter Hours, match starts 8:00am Summer and 9:00am Winter Hours on Bay 0.


Please check the website calendar to confirm event dates and any possible changes.

This is a great event for newcomers to sport shooting events, or increasing your speed and accuracy. 6 of the 8 official steel challenge stages will be used for this fun and friendly match. Approximately150 rounds for the day.

All guns will remain unloaded (empty cylinder/chamber and no magazine) until shooter is in the shooters box and the range officer instructs shooter to "MAKE READY". Please follow the RO's (range officer) directions while in the shooters box.

Visit the Steel Challenge Shooting Association website for more information on this event.

Minimum Equipment: Ear and eye protection as well as enclosed footwear are mandatory (no sandals) for all competitors and spectators. Rimfire and pistol caliber rifles, pistols, and revolvers can be used, and you can shoot various divisions for the match. Speed loaders or moon clips are recommended when reloading a revolver between each string of fire. Acceptable calibers are 22 rimfire thru 45, just NO magnum loads and NO steel jacket or steel core cartridges. Holsters and magazine pouches are NOT necessary when using rimfire pistols/rifles or PCC (pistol caliber carbine), but do require pistol/rifle bags/cases, with rifle chamber flag, when carrying the gun to and from the shooters box. A holster is required when shooting a center fire pistol or revolver, and magazine pouches are recommended. It is recommended to have at least 5 magazines for all divisions.

Scoring: The "Practiscore" App will be used for calculating and reporting scores on tablets. Your 4 best times of the 5 string runs on each stage will be used to calculate your total time and overall finish.

Fees: $10.00, Juniors (12 to 17) are free with paid member parent. $5.00 for each additional gun, when available.

Match Scores: MGS Steel Challenge scores are via Practiscore results with MGS SCSA.

Official Steel Challenge Stages: Official Steel Challenge Stages
6 of the 8 Stages are setup at MSC Bay Zero, 1 & 2. The other 2 stages may be setup during matches. (SC-104 & SC-107) *Please note that each page of this document references color coded landscape markers & paint colors on the back of each plate for setting up each stage. Other plates may be laid down (face up), but not moved while shooting each stage.
Examples of the color coding and stages in bay zero can be viewed here: Stage Views on Bay Zero.

Official SCSA Rules: Can be found here: Official Steel Challenge Rules.