Map of the Facility





Our club covers approximately 750 acres. We are a large facility with one long primary dirt road that connects all shooting areas of the property. The roads are all dirt with the exception of the entrance road. This road is asphalt and only runs from the entrance to the office/check-in. Speed limit is 15 mph and we ask that you be courteous with others on the road with you.

We try to keep the dirt roads as “vehicle friendly” as possible but sometimes after a very wet storm the roads may not be in the best of shape. Please be extra careful during these periods.

All vehicles entering the facility must register at the range office.

You will sign-in and explain what type of shooting you plan during your visit. The range officer on-duty will assign a range to you.

What Ammo is allowed in each bay? Ammo Chart

If you need to change ranges please let the RO know. We would also ask you to please check-out at the range office upon leaving the facility.