Action Pistol Plus

*Action Pistol Plus Match* is held the first Saturday of each ODD numbered month.
(Jan., March, May, July, Sept. and Nov.)
Set up begins at 7am Summer and 8am Winter Hours on Bays 2 & 3.


Please check the website calendar to confirm event dates and any possible changes.

The event usually lasts for about 6 hours including set-up & tear down.

Sign Up closes at the completion of set-up. A safety briefing is *mandatory* to participate in the event. Your participation; being a RO, scoring, taping & resetting targets and/or other tasks, will be appreciated & needed to keep the eveny flowing efficiently.

Minimum Equipment: A carry style Pistol / Revolver, 6" or less barrel, 9mm, 38, 40, 44, 45, iron sights / fiber optic or carry optic, holster & belt, magazines or speed loaders and/or moon clips, magazine pouch. No magnum loads or magazines over 170mm (28 rnds) Holsters that guard & cover the trigger and will be of a design that you can re-holster with one hand. Outside the waist band holsters must be used. Holsters will be at the 3 or 9 o’clock position depending if left or right handed. Kydex (plastic) or kydex leather designs are best. *If it is not a safe design, you cannot use it*. *Cross draw, small of the back, pocket and shoulder holsters are not permitted*. Ear and eye protection as well as footwear that encloses the toes are mandatory (no sandals).

Stages are set up with a mixture of paper, steel, reactionary & moving targets, with barricades that reward accuracy and speed.

Scoring is based on a combination of time, knocking down steel, and scores on paper. All paper targets are normally shot twice, but may vary and all steel targets must be knocked down. Round count varies depending on the stages and how they are configured, with an average of 34 rounds per stage.

You will be shooting from various positions and on the move. We recommend bringing a minimum of 150 rounds.

There are divisions for age, women and firearms used.

All shooters will have a stage walk thru before shooting begins.

Juniors (12 to 17) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Fee: MSC Members pay $5.00. Non-Members pay $10.00. Juniors (12 to 17): Free with paid parent.

*At the conclusion of the event, anyone wishing to remain and shoot are required to sign-in at the Range Office and Non-members will have to pay the $15.00 daily use fee.

Match Scores: 2 Gun scores are via Practiscore results with MSC Action Pistol.

Upcoming match information & stages will be available via e-mail if you sign up for it with the match director.

Contact Match Director / Bob McClellan at 760-694-5984 or

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