As-Issued Military Rifle Shoot

1st Sunday of each month


Match is held on the first Sunday of each month.

CMP Match Targets are set at 100 yards.
The Match consists of 5 sighters
10 rounds, Slow Fire Prone (Timed, 10 rounds in 10 minutes)
10 rounds, Rapid Fire Prone, consisting of one Magazine, or Clip reload.(Timed, 70 seconds for Semi Autos, 80 seconds for Bolt/Lever Actions)
10 rounds, Slow Fire Standing (Timed, 10 rounds in 10 minutes).

Participants can use any US, or Foreign, Pre-Korean War type, Military General Issue Rifle (such as); M1 Garands, Springfield 1903’s & Krags, 30 Carbines, Swiss K-31’s & K-11’s, Mosin Nagant’s, Arisaka’s, Enfield’s, Etc. Even an old as Issued Lever action Winchester is good.

(All Rifles must be in Good Working Condition, inspected, and Safe to shoot). “No” Military specialty variants, such as issued Sniper versions, or scoped rifles allowed. “No” Semi Auto SKS, AR, or AK type rifles are allowed in this match. Modern M1A1 (M14 type, semi auto only) rifles, patterned after Standard Issued type Rifles are Good to go.

MSC Members pay $5.00. Non-Members pay $10.00.

*At the conclusion of the event, anyone wishing to remain and shoot are required to sign-in at the Range Office and Non-members will have to pay the $15.00 daily use fee.

Match Directors: Chris Stanley 801-652-5015 & Patrick Carr 307-258-6575