Practical Pistol

1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings at 6pm on Bay #6


Setup starts around 5pm for 1 hour. Sign up at 6pm (arrive at 5:30 to give time to meet people and ask questions).

A safety briefing is *mandatory* to participate in the event. New shooters will be vetted.

This is a COLD RANGE during the match. Please have an unloaded gun before coming to the match.

You will shoot a course of fire using some paper and some steel targets. Obey all safety rules, especially the 180° rule.

Minimum Equipment: Ear and eye protection as well as enclosed footwear are mandatory (no sandals). Pistol or Revolver with a 6" or less barrel. 9mm through 45. No A.P. (armor piercing) ammo. Iron sights, fiber optic , or carry optic / Red Dot are okay. Strong side gun holster & belt with magazine holders. Outside the waist band holsters positioned at strong side hip must be used. Kydex type holster designs are recommended. 3 to 5 magazines or speed loaders/moon clips for 30 rounds minimum. We recommend bringing a minimum of 150 rounds.

Fee:MSC Members pay $5.00. Non-Members pay $10.00.

*At the conclusion of the event, anyone wishing to remain and shoot are required to sign-in at the Range Office and Non-members will have to pay the $15.00 daily use fee.

Match Scores: Shoot the course of fire while being timed. Subtract time for good hits. Add time for misses & sloppy hits. Lowest time wins.

We encourage new and young shooters to come out and give this match a try!

Contact Match Director: Greg Drewett at 928-757-5811